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How to Make Easy Stretch Bracelets

Stretch bracelets are not only easy to wear but easy to make!  All you need are your favorite beads and some beading elastic. This Crafty Owl Café tutorial shows you the basic technique with lots of tips such as the thickness of elastic to use . The instructor uses glue on the knot which is then hidden in an adjacent large hole bead.


Stretch bracelets can become diffuser bracelets when you include lava beads in your designs. These porous beads will absorb drops of essential oils.  This basic tutorial is by The Beading Gem.




This fun mala style stretch bracelet tutorial by  Collective Container Yoga  and Bikes is adorned with a tassel. The instructor used a bodhi seed as a focal:


A variation of the mala stretch bracelet design is shown in this tutorial from The Beading Gem where beadwork is used instead of a guru bead.



This bead cluster stretch bracelet tutorial idea comes from The Bead Gallery. It takes a bit more work than the basic stretch bracelet. The clusters are made up of bead dangles with coiled loops on top. These beads are then strung through those loops.