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.7mm Stretch magic 5m spool

.7mm Stretch magic 5m spool

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5 Meters of Clear Stretch Magic Elastic cording. 0.7mm thick

This thickness is the second thinnest stretch cord we carry and is suitable for beads 4mm-8mm in diameter.   Although some designers do like to use 1mm for the 8mm bead, the 1mm cord will create a larger knot that may be visible after completing the project.  We suggest using a bead to cover up your knots when possible.  

Stretch Magic is a superior brand of stretchy elastic cording used for making stretch bracelets, stretch anklets, stretch necklaces and other applications where stretchy cord can be utilized.  The thing that makes stretch magic superior to other types of stretchy elastic is that it is made especially for creating jewellery designs that can be worn over and over again.  Take a piece and try your best to break it using only your hands.  You will find it is very hard to do.  It just keeps stretching and stretching!  Because of this it is a good idea to give it a a couple of stretchy pulls before you start stringing your beads to break it in.  There's detailed directions on the back of the packaging on how to tie a square knot to secure the ends.  Don't be afraid to pull it tight! This stuff can hold up!  We use stretch magic for all our repairs in-store as well as the jewellery we make to sell.  It's a great product and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we do!