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Mala Beading Kit in Deep in the Woods

Mala Beading Kit in Deep in the Woods

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Approximate length of this mala is 50-55"
Kit is themed around 10mm beads in African Turquoise, Dark Rosewood, Pumice Bead and a Handcarved African wood Guru.
Learning and creating in the comfort of your home these kits will make it easy for you to make one knowing you have all the parts needed to complete it.  You will learn how to design a mala, knot beads, add a traditional guru bead, add a tassel or charms and add finishing touches for a professionally finished piece.
What you get in the kit: 
(Some designs don’t include all of the items listed.  Refer to the photo of your individual kit for details of supplies included).
Colour instructions
Genuine semi-precious stone beads
Wood Beads 
Metal spacer beads
2 Needles
Nylon knotting cord
Metal jewellery findings
NOT INCLUDED in package:
Knotting Tweezers - get them here: 
Optional additions:                                                               
Beeswax - get it here:
Sharp Scissors - we suggest Xuron: Get them here:
You will be provided all the beads, charms, and tassel pictured but you don’t have to use them all. Feel free to get creative and make the necklace your own by adding your own embellishments or just leaving them out.  We would love it if you shared a photo of your creation on our instagram page @iguanabeads  using hashtag #IBmalakit 
Please note:  
Colours may vary slightly depending on your computer monitor screen and brightness.  
Substitutions may be made if we run out of something but this will be rare.   We will do our best to keep the design as close as possible to the one pictured.  
Mala kits are designed and curated with the stock we have on hand.  Because of this, the designs offered will continually change.  We make kits in small batches.  So if you find a design and colour combination you really love, be sure to purchase it in good time to ensure you get the one you want.  
We cannot make any substitutions or changes to the kits in stock at your request.  If you would like a specific combination of beads and want us to curate a special kit just for you please contact us by email at  There will be an additional  surcharge for this service on top of the price of the kit.
Length of your finished mala may be slightly different from the estimate given.  It all depends on which beads you decide to use in your design and also the length and size of your knots.