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Sacred Herb Bundles for Energy Cleansing by Kiera Fogg

Sacred Herb Bundles for Energy Cleansing by Kiera Fogg

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Sacred Herb Bundles for Energy Cleansing is all about simplifying the process of creating custom smudge blends and applying them to all areas of life. With beautiful color photography throughout, this book includes thirty aromatic smudge recipes and easy rituals to help them work.

  • Chapter 1: Building a Smudge Kit and Smudge Kit Basics
  • Chapter 2: The Plants: Palo Santo, White Sage, Cedar, Lavender, Sweet Grass, and more
  • Chapter 3: Creating Smudging Blends, Burning, Wrapping, Creating Rituals and more
  • Chapter 4: 30 Sacred Smudging Rituals for Good Luck, Romance, Sweet Dreams, Self-Clearing, Self-Love, Serenity, Space Clearing, Aura Cleansing, and More