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The Afterlife Frequency Book By Mark Anthony, JD

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The Scientific Proof of Spiritual Contact and How That Awareness Will Change Your Life

Takes spirit communication, near-death experiences, and deathbed visions out of the shadows of superstition and into the light of 21st-century science and relates global adventures in the quest for answers, from the cosmic to the subatomic

Contact with spirits is part of the human experience, whether it occurs through a medium, during a near-death experience or deathbed vision, or simply as a feeling of the presence of a deceased loved one. Calling on his background and current research, Mark Anthony explores the evidence and the science connected to these profound encounters. He discusses the physics and neuroscience of energy, showing that all life is energy and that energy never dies but only changes form. He then logically and methodically makes the case that afterlife is undeniably real and that communication is possible, sharing numerous riveting examples to bolster the case.

Most illuminating, Anthony shares the RAFT Technique, an uplifting and revelatory four-step process that allows readers to recognize contact with spirits, accept it as real, feel it without fear, and trust in the experience. Based on not only Anthony's own experiences but also those of the thousands he has taught, and grounded in cutting-edge science, The Afterlife Frequency makes a persuasive - and inspirational - argument for the potentially life-changing existence of afterlife healing, communion, and love.