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SEAFOAM Wire - Wire Wrapping Wire - Non-Tarnish - Parawire -Choose Gauge

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Parawire - SEAFOAM - Choose Gauge

Copper wire has a non-tarnish coating

Quantities sold on spools

18GA - 4 yards

20Ga - 6 yards

22ga - 8 yards

24ga - 10 yards

26ga - 15 yards

28GA - 16 Yards

30GA -  Yards

Please note: Colours may vary due to colour variance in differing screens, photography techniques, natural stone variations and dye lot differences.


Please email us for larger quantities


Parawire has been in the metal business since 1916.  We are happy to offer their superior products!.

A note by Parawire describing their products and process of manufacturing below:

Our wire is considered Enameled Copper Craft Wire which is divided into two categories.

  • Metallic: The base wire is 99% pure copper, over which a tinted, flexible, baked-on coating is applied to both give the wire its color and to keep it from tarnishing. Our “Natural” color is copper with a clear coating.

Colour in Metallic category are Copper, bronze, vintage bronze, black, amber, magenta, red, some blues, smokey quartz and stainless (although this is 100% Stainless no copper core).

  • Silver Plated: These wires have the same pure copper base, which is then plated with a layer of fine silver. Over top of the silver, a tinted, flexible, baked-on coating is applied to both give the wire its color (the coating is clear in the case of the silver color) and to keep it from tarnishing.

Colours in Silver Plated Colour category are silver, gold, rose gold, hematite, titanium, some blues like Pacific and Baby, Hot Pink, Peridot and Lavender.


How durable is the wire’s coating?
ParaWire has the most durable coating on the market and will withstand plenty of general wear and manipulation. Please keep in mind that extended periods of direct sunlight and/or water/humidity exposure may weaken the coating and/or cause it to become faded/discolored. Be gentle and kind to your wire and it will stay beautiful for many years to come!


Is your colored wire lead- and nickel-free?
Yes and yes!