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Stretch Bracelet kits - Bracelet Making Kits

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Stretch Bracelet Making Kit from Iguana Beads

Makes 4-5 bracelets

Each Kit Includes:

Semi-precious beads of various types in 6mm size

Electroplated hematite decorative beads Large hole pewter beads to hide the knot (4mm)

Lava Rock Beads (diffuser beads for oils 6mm)

3 sets of 7 chakra colour beads (6mm)

Stretch cord – one length - cut to size (Opelon black .7mm approx.2 yards)


4 different kits to choose from.

All kits include the above, then they will include 3 of each of the following semi precious beads representing the chakras:

Amethyst- Crown Chakra -Spirituality

Sodalite- Third Eye- Intuition

Turquoise Howlite- Throat Chakra- Self Expression

Aventurine- Heart Chakra- Love and Compassion

Calcite- Solar Plexus Chakra- Wisdom and power

Tigers Eye- Sacral Chakra- Sexuality and Emotions

Red Jasper- Root Chakra- Grounding and family


Kit A: Matte Amethyst, Matte Clear Quartz, Cherry Quartz

Kit B: Matte Clear Quartz. Matte Snowflake Obsidian. Brecciated Jasper

Kit C: Dyed Blue Agate, Green Crackle Quartz, Matte Brown Agate

Kit D: Matte Rose Quartz, Dyed Purple Agate, Picture Jasper



The following are not included, however these items may be useful:

Super New Glue - This glue can be used to finish the knot and will be extra sturdy under the pewter finding.

Bead Mat - The bead mat is used to stop the beads and findings from rolling around and kept in one place


Color: Kit A