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Clear Quartz : Meaning, Uses & Physical Healing

Clear Quartz : Meaning, Uses & Physical Healing

The sparkle of a diamond is unique for so many reasons. It is one of the most highly desired stones throughout the world for its infinite attractive qualities and the incredible folklore that surrounds it. Did you know that diamond is no longer considered the only stone that represents April? The list of traditional birthstones currently in use in North America was developed in Poland between the 16th and 18th centuries. In the modern world, in place of the expensive and rare diamond, clear quartz is commonly utilized as a substitute due to its incredible properties to support your health. The amazing similarities between these two stones goes far beyond its appearance and can be seen at the depth of their origins in folklore. 

It is said that the ancient god of mines called together the nobles to bring all of the gemstones to him; rubies, emeralds, sapphires and opals. He wanted to create a gem that combined the beauty of them all. He crushed them together and spoke sacred words to them to create a new stone—one that when enhanced by the sun, reflected a spectrum of all the gems which originally created it. Diamond and Clear Quartz both resolve in a beautiful spectrum of light in the sun, the vision of the God of Mines.

Clear Quartz in interactions

Clear quartz is well known as a stone of great power because of its ability to amplify the intentions of the user. When clear quartz is worn, they are a protection against negativity. The quartz clears and opens interactions between both parties in a discussion and absorbs the energies of the room, allowing for clarity of objectives. Clear quartz aligns all of the chakras to greater purpose and attunes the wearer to their higher self.

The clarity provided with clear quartz will deliver heightened energy levels, increased patience and determination and the ability to connect to others with greater emotion. It is an effective tool in the workplace or at home studios or offices.

Quartz in self work

Utilized in meditation, clear quartz delivers powerful amplification of psychic strength. It filters out disturbances and helps clear the mind. This clarity allows for a deeper meditative state especially when used near the third eye. For optimal programming of the stone, visualize the desired outcome within the crystal throughout repeated meditations to focus the power of the intent into manifestation. 

Quartz is a soul cleanser, it helps connect your patterns of thought with your physical body and assists the user with stimulating positive thoughts to drive away negativity. Clear quartz enhances inner vision and is incredible for artistic work requiring imagination and creative spirit.


Clear quartz is known as a transformer gem, a tool to help transform portions of your life into more desirable conditions. It is also known as a seeker, an instrument to help uncover new paths or approaches to any problems you may face.

Quartz honours the Greek Mother Earth Goddess Gaia, Kundalini the Hindu life force, Latona the Roman Goddess of light and Gendenwitha the Iroquois Morning Star Goddess. This makes quartz a powerful force of new beginnings and launches. 

Physical healing

Clear Quartz is considered to be a master healer crystal, which means you can use it for any ailment. It is a stimulant for the blood and circulation, which brings your body into natural balance. You can use clear quartz for dizziness, migraines and headaches, as well as motion sickness. It is a great boost for your metabolism, and can support your weight loss goals.

In your home

Like it’s counterpart the diamond, clear quartz acts as a natural prism. Place them in your windows to scatter energies throughout your home. They bring the strength of warmth and vivacity into any space. Clear quartz is considered sacred and are understood as a great source of power in the home. The legendary cities of Lemuria and Atlantis were believed to use quartz for light refraction to rejuvenate and develop their civilizations. It is said that clear quartz were the record keeper stones of these cities, and contain the secrets of their success to be retrieved by chosen souls today to heal the earth and humanity.

There is no doubt that clear quartz is an incredibly powerful stone for the month of April. Not only can it enhance your meditation and self-work, it can positively impact the energies of your home and work spaces. It would make a meaningful gift for your friends and family with April birthdays and show them how much you value the hidden facets of their personalities. Contact Iguana Beads today and check out the deals on the website to select some clear quartz today. We would love to show you how clear quartz can enhance your life and support your goals!

Crystal healing and other types of energy work are not to be considered as a substitute for traditional medical treatment. If either you, or someone you know, has a serious health issue, consult a doctor and/or other appropriate professional medical practitioner.

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