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Pearls History & Healing power

Pearl - History, Meaning & Healing Powers

Distinctly different from other gems that come from the earth, the pearl is the product of an organic process that comes from a living creature. It is considered the oldest known gem, and for a long time was also considered the most valuable. The calm and soothing nature of the pearl makes it attractive to wear and use around the home. 

The Pearl is a symbol used in cultures throughout the world. It is recognized and associated with power, prestige, and success. Pearls are seen as classic and timeless in pop culture and are therefore applicable to almost any celebration or gift-giving occasion. Those people lucky to be born in June have the benefit of having a birthstone with a rich history and also excellent vibrational healing properties. 

Using Pearl in Interactions and as a Talisman 

Pearls are a strong gem and can act as a barrier against negative influences and people in your life. A pearl is created when the mollusk protects itself from the irritation of parasites, sand, or other grit. This is mirrored in your life as a protective element against the things that bother you—and why pearl is considered the gem of nourishment. 

Pearls provide an armour of defense against people who drain your energy. The feminine essence of pearl is maternal and supportive which soothes ragged nerves, provides comfort to the troubled mind, and stimulates feelings of compassion and love towards others. 

To charge your pearls, leave them in the moonlight for 12 hours. If wearing them, put them on last, after you have completed your hair and makeup routine to keep them free of debris. Pearls are relatively soft and susceptible to scratches or damage. Wipe them with a soft cloth to keep them clean before putting them back into your jewelry box. 

Pearl’s power in self-work 

The best way to use your pearls is to wear them. This not only allows the natural oils of your body to keep them radiant but also keeps them touching your skin where they can serve to support your feminine spirit and living your positive and abundant life goals. 

If you experience mood swings, pearl can be used to redistribute a sense of proportion to the situation that you have found overwhelming. Pearl has also been known to calm the emotions of those experiencing grief and loss in their life. 

In Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism, the pearl or flaming pearl is a symbol of inner wisdom and vision. It is said to strengthen the connection to the divine energy of the cosmos. Pearls are a gem of introspection and help us to discover our true purpose and unveil our true selves. 

Physical Healing Powers  

Pearl is said to carry a feminine vibration that is connected to the moon. This makes it ideal for women who struggle with an irregular menstrual cycle or a hormone imbalance. It serves to restore the natural balance and rhythm within the body. The connection to female reproduction and the moon cycle means it is effective in aiding fertility and in easing the discomfort of pregnancy and childbirth. This also makes it ideal in assisting in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, digestive tract problems or muscular system conditions. 

Pearls can be used the same way you use crystals and minerals for healing—holding and charging the pearls and then wearing them or using them in your interactions or experiences. Pearls are very popular in manifestation work, especially around goals, wealth, and prosperity. They bring harmony to the aura and heighten intuition as well as the perception of psychic elements and imagination. 

Pearl in your home 

The timeless and classic pearl is recognized around the world. As a design element in your home pearl gives the impression of prestige, power, success, and wealth. Under the “like attracts like” premise, pearls will charm these things to your home. 

Pearls encourage feelings of love and peace and are great in a meditation space, or where you go to think or contemplate the problems of your day. They can also be handled and utilized the same way you would a “worry stone”. Many people place pearls near to their telephones to help them integrate lessons learned from life experiences and the ability to gain wisdom from others. 

Pearl inspires a sense of confidence and tranquillity so you can tackle unexpected challenges as they arise. If there is a location in your home where conflict transpires more frequently, pearl placed in that space will ground and centre people regardless of the chaos. It keeps you from becoming jaded and cynical, it is enlightening and also inspires strong feelings of justice. 

Pearl strengthens the love that is present in a relationship and helps discover the love you are searching for if you are looking for a soul mate or life partner. 

In addition to the incredibly unique way that pearls are formed and their detailed history all over the world, they make an exceptional gift for someone whose birthday is in June. Not only can pearls help them attract wealth and success, but they can also help them in their relationships and their meditation.  

They are also beautiful, classic, and versatile. Paired with other gems, their powers and vibrations are elevated and increased for healing and health. If you are looking for a stone to use in your home, to wear or to use in a contemplative moment, choose a pearl. We have a wide variety available and you can reach out to us at Iguana Beads to help you find the perfect gem for your needs!

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