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Carnelian Healing Powers, Meaning & Benefits

Carnelian Healing Powers, Meaning & Benefits

Here at Iguana Beads, we know that many of our customers appreciate unique and diverse perspectives in their selection of stones and gems. For July, while ruby is the traditional birthstone, did you know that Carnelian, also known as the sunset stone, is the alternate? Like the brilliance of a magnificent sunset, carnelian, a silica mineral, is imbued with shades from light pinks to reddish browns by the iron oxides that colour them. 

From ancient Egypt into the Middle Ages, male warriors have worn masculine red carnelian to give them passion and courage while women have favoured the feminine and fertile energies of the more orange-hued carnelian, which has been associated with the ruler Isis. 

Carnelian has been linked in historical lore to the magic of alchemy, the longevity of life, the healing of illnesses, and a ward against the plague. It is no wonder that it has been worn as a symbol of status in society. The word carnelian comes from the Latin meaning flesh, and so it is deeply connected to the body, re-invigoration and strength, and rebirth.   

Using Carnelian in interactions 

Carnelian is an anchoring stone. It is used to reinvigorate lost momentum in relationships, stimulating creativity and vitality in problem-solving. It is said to improve concentration during meditation. It is a crystal that enhances motivation, ambition, and determination. If you work in a large corporation or company, Carnelian is known to increase personal connections and drive away undue pressures. 

Carnelian is excellent to use for entrepreneurs and in new business ventures. It attracts prosperity and wealth, opening resources abundantly. It is also a luck stone.  

Carnelian protects the user against the negative impacts of resentment, jealousy, and envy. It brings your joy and love of life to the forefront of your mind. Carnelian increases trust in self and your insights, which is a catalyst for escaping abusive relationships. Carnelian can assist the wearer in overcoming sexual control anxieties and eating disorders. Many men have found it helps ground them in the throes of a mid-life crisis. 

Power in self-work 

Carnelian has the nickname the “singer’s stone” because it empowers and clarifies your voice. It is a stone of support for performers and presenters by helping timid speakers to become more courageous and eloquent in front of their audience. 

Carnelian and other orange stones are supportive of coordination and physical activity. This crystal is incredible for balance and energy. Athletes would benefit from wearing Carnelian to stimulate appetite, attitude, stamina, and vigour. Similarly, military personnel would receive the same benefits of physical backing. 

Carnelian has been worn historically by builders and workers in construction. It is a professional support crystal that stimulates form and organization, motivation, and creation. 

Carnelian is an amazing stone for jewelry. When placed right against the skin, it brings bright vibrations into the body. It has been worn traditionally by warriors and priests alike. Carnelian is an amazing compliment to Onyx, and they look incredible together side by side as well. Onyx is another non-traditional July birthstone. As a cleansing stone, you are encouraged to wash your stones with water frequently to wash away the negativity. 

Physical healing powers 

Carnelian kindles the reproductive systems of both sexes, increasing fertility and potency. It benefits the menstrual cycle and symptoms of menopause. Families experiencing infertility and trying in-vitro fertilization or artificial insemination could use carnelian. 

Carnelian is used in the healing and repair of many circulatory and inflammatory issues such as congestion, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, nosebleeds, arthritis, and lower back problems. Carnelian has been frequently used to support the symptoms of depression, particularly in the elderly. People breaking free of substance abuse issues or bad physical habits will be buoyed by Carnelian. 

Carnelian in your home 

Carnelian has been historically known to guard your home and workspaces against theft, accidents, storms, and fires. It protects against falling masonry and equipment or tools in garages and work environments. 

At work, Carnelian encourages teamwork and the galvanization of coworkers around common causes. It promotes feelings of community among large groups. 

Carnelian is excellent in the bedroom of your home! As a crystal of conception, fertility, and potency it can bolster your love life. In addition, is it known to reawaken distressed and disturbing passions. You can use carnelian in any shade in the bedroom, but orange is particularly effective for those trying to conceive. If you are not looking to start a family, Carnelian is a huge boost to the libido that kindles the fires of passion and sexual identity. 

To invite prosperity and abundance into your home, place Carnelian on the south side of your home. For creativity, place Carnelian in the west. If you are seeking self-fulfillment, worth, esteem and healing, place the crystal in the southeast.  

As a non-traditional alternative to rubies, you could hardly find as versatile and beautiful a stone as the Carnelian. The range of hues from browns to bright oranges reminds wearers of the fall season and of letting go of what does not serve you to make room for abundance. Gift Carnelian to someone with a July birthday or just as an attractive crystal to support creativity and healing. For more information in Red Carnelian, reach out to Iguana Beads!

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