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Peridot Healing Powers

Peridot Meaning, Healing Power & Uses

Discovered on an island called Topazios, Peridot was originally called Topazos after the unfriendly island where only miners were allowed to step foot. It was mined to adorn the jewelry and tombs of Egyptian Kings who kept the island closely guarded for 3500 years on the threat of death.  

The island was eventually renamed Zabargad, an Arabic word for Olivine. The beautiful shades range from yellow-green called Chrysolite in biblical times for the Greek words kreusos (gold) and lithos (stone) to brown-green. The current word Peridot comes from the Arabic Faridat, which means gem. 

Peridot is one of only two gems that is not formed in the earth’s crust, but actually in the molten rock of the upper mantle, brought to the surface by earthquakes and volcanos. Peridot’s basic form, Olivine, has been found in comet dust, on the moon and Mars. Ancient peoples believed that Peridot was ejected to Earth by a sun’s explosion. Peridot is one of the few gemstones that only forms in one colour. While Olivine is abundant, Peridot is rather rare.  

Using Peridot in Interactions 

Peridot is an excellent talisman to wear in the workplace. It is known as a stone of luck. As a sunstone, it is meant to protect you against your fears and feelings of darkness. Prayer and meditation using your peridot can enhance your demonstrations with positivity and charm. When working with others, Peridot encourages helpful responses from colleagues and defends against feelings of envy, deception, and gossip. It is known to bring profit to tradespeople. 

Power in Self Work 

Peridot is a positive crystal, in harmony with spiritual truth and understanding. It prompts the user to think of the Creator’s power and love and attunes you to the source of all abundance. This influence can build on your ability to receive from the Universe and enhance your prayer and meditative life. Peridot can assist the user to quiet guilt or regret by connecting you to higher levels of understanding. Reminding the user of their abilities, Peridot empowers a sense of forgiveness and helps you to take responsibility for your actions and make compensation to those you have hurt, relieving karmic debt. 

Working with peridot, you can lessen feelings of inadequacy and negative thought patterns opening your heart and mind to the universe of possibilities available to you. The cleansing nature of Peridot means it can also be used to heal past hurts caused by anger, jealousy, resentment, and clinging to an unresolved matter of the heart with gratitude and grace. In addition, Peridot helps the user disconnect from outside influences to feel the power in your skills and strengths to keep forward momentum in your home and work life. 

Physical Healing Powers 

Noting is positive attributes and ability to help the user move beyond past pains into their strengths and capabilities, it is easy to see why Peridot is popular among people trying to escape substance dependencies and addictions. It is called a healer stone for this very reason, helping the user call upon the strength of the process to guide you therapeutically. For Reiki practices, Peridot is incredible to amplify energies. Peridot is also known to amplify the power of heat and warmth, so hold it after sweat lodge ceremonies, using hot rocks or after a sauna. 

Peridot in Your Home 

Peridot is an incredible tool in your home. You can wear peridot to help facilitate restful sleep, and particularly for people who suffer nightmares. It is strengthened when set in, or paired with, gold.  

In homes where the art of Feng Shui is practiced, it builds on harmony, joy, and compassion, considered the foundation of the happiest homes. Harkening back to its volcanic creation, Peridot is known to absorb the intensity of emotions exhibits by hot tempers and negativity, so place it in communal areas where differing opinions abound, or where you seek a peaceful atmosphere. This power is also able to be mirrored in the workplace so consider Peridot in the boardroom or at your meeting spaces. 

Finally, Peridot is known as a seeking stone. If you have an area where you find that you constantly misplace items, Peridot can help you be more purposeful and aware. Think about locations like your desk, your front foyer, or your home office. 

Stunning Peridot in all its earthy green shades can open your mind to the endless possibilities of creation. It is unparalleled for use in prayers and meditation to connect to the Creator and divine energy. Whether or not it is your birthstone, Peridot can be utilized by anyone, especially those seeking to move beyond past negativity and seek health and healing. Reach out to Iguana Beads today to find out how Peridot can enhance your life and home.  

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